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Sacred Music Concert

February 16, 2015

The Birżebbuġa Symphonic Band A.D. 1990 will be holding a Sacred Music Concert inside the Parish Church of Birżebbuġa, under the auspices of her excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta.  Everyone is invited to attend.   Entrance is free of charge.  The concert will be held on Saturday 21st February 2015 and will start at 8pm.  Everyone is asked to be seated by 7:30pm.

The concert will include pieces from a wide repertoire and different composers such as Wagner, Miklos Rozsa, Verdi, G. Sibilano, Maltese Composer Ray Sciberras, our band director Michael Bugelli, and Alexander Caruana.

We’re back again !!!

February 14, 2015

Sorry we are back again after a very long time.

We apologize.  We are back again after a very long time.  We will try to update you of the most important appointments our band engaged in the past months.

For the Third Time: Festa Komunità 2014

May 16, 2014

Today Friday 16th May 2014, the Birżebbuġa Band A.D. 1990 will participate for the third consecutive time in Festa Komunità organised by St. Benedict’s College, Boys Secondary of Kirkop, a charity activity aimed at helping Maltese NGOs to raise funds for a good cause.  This year all profit will go in aid of Richmond Foundation.  The Birżebbuġa Band will participate along with other concert bands from nearby villages namely Għaxaq, Gudja, Kirkop, Safi, Żurrieq, Imqabba, and Qrendi.  This year’s activity will mark an important event as the number of participating bands will enter in the Maltese Book of record as the largest group of bands participating in a school event.  Our musicians will join others from different bands and will play popular Maltese marches on the school campus.  The march will begin at 7:30pm and ends at about 8:30pm.  We would like to encourage prospective students and people from Birżebbuġa and nearby villages to attend the event.

Festa Komunità will also be live-streamed today 16th May 2014 from 7pm onwards on the following address:

VIRGINI PERDOLENTI – Annual Holy Week Concert 2014

April 14, 2014

On Monday 14th April 2014 the Birżebbuġa Band will be hosting its Annual Lenten Concert with the title ‘Virgini Perdolenti’  which in English is translated as ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’.  The concert will be held inside the Main Hall of our Premises ‘Ġawhra San Pietru’ in Birżebbuġa and will start at about 7:30pm.

The Birżebbuġa Band, under the baton of Mro Michael Bugelli A.T.C.L, will perform a concert that incorporates a number of funeral marches. The event will be presided by Rev. Can. Dun Anton Galea Scannura, Parish Priest of Birżebbuġa, Malta.

During the concert, students of our school of music will read out spiritual reflections in connection to the seven sorrows of Our Lady Mary, our Mater Redemptoris.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Entrance is free.

‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ 2014: – A Review

March 25, 2014

This is the full footage of the annual concert ‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri” for the year 2014, which was held on the 8th of March in Birzebbuga Primary School Hall. ‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ annual concert was first organized in 1996, and is held either on the Saturday preceding the 22nd February or the Saturday after. However, since this year the 22nd February fell on a Saturday and since the General Committee is usually invited to attend the traditional solemn mass in honour of St. Peter’s chair, the administrative committee decided to postpone the concert by a fortnight later, taking in consideration that last weekend the Maltese people like many around the world celebrated Carnival too.

The 22nd of February is a special day for Birzebbuga parishioners as we celebrate one of the feasts in honour of our patron saint – the primacy of St Peter Apostle as head of the Catholic Church. The Birzebbuga Symphonic Band AD 1990, also organizes this concert to give promising young and adult musicians a chance to perform in the spotlight. Our local musicians, true members of our Symphonic Band, some of whom with years of experience and preparation under their belt, are finding fertile ground to mature professionally by playing in front of a discerning public. Performers added passion, enthusiasm and youthful fervour to their commitment and skill to regale the audience that filled the hall to capacity with their beautiful music. May we have more of such enjoyable concerts.

‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ Annual Concert 2014

March 8, 2014

The annual band concert ‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ is back again.  It will be held today Saturday 8th March 2014 in the main hall of Birżebbuġa Primary School.  Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ was first organized in 1996, and is held either on the Saturday preceding the 22nd February or the Saturday after.  However, since this year the 22nd February fell on a Saturday and since the General Committee is usually invited to attend the traditional solemn mass in honour of St. Peter’s chair, the administrative committee decided to postpone the concert by a fortnight later, taking in consideration that last weekend the Maltese people like many around the world celebrated Carnival too.

The concert was first called ‘Mill-Bandisti Għall-Membri’ by the first President of our Philarmonic Society, Anthony Camilleri.  The name is to signify the efforts that our local musicians do in their attempt to provide their fellow followers a good time of quality music.  The very first editions of this concert were held in our Band Club premises, but then the committee, on seeing the growing popularity of the concert, decided to shift the venue to the Community Hall of Birżebbuġa’s Primary School.

The concert is usually very varied, including solos and section features.  This year the concert will be spiced up by different genres of music ranging from soundtracks, Maltese works, classical medleys, Italian medleys and choral music.  As usual the band will be accampanied by guest singers and by the ‘Simon Peter Choir’.

On behalf of the Band I would like to express my gratitude for the help that  any volunteers provide with the logistical details of the concert such as publicity, moving equipment, set-up of the stage, program distribution, and donation collection.  You are invited to attend the concert.

Entrance is free of charge for everyone.  The public is asked to be in place by 7pm.  Refreshments will be served at the end of the concert.

Programm Mużikali

Innu Lil San Pietru
Mużika: Mro. Carmelo Pace
Lirika: Dun Frans Camilleri
Ikanta l-Kor Xmun Pietru

Over to the Overtures
Arr. J. Howe
(Light Cavalry, Poet & Peasant, William Tell)

Minuet for Band
Mozart  – Arr. John Cacavas
Jidderieġi Mro. Charles Wallace Suda

Astor Piazzola  – Arr. Robert Longfield
Solista Flugelhorn Bb: Josef Schembri

Italian Holiday
Arr. Robert Longfield
(Vesti La Giubba, La Donna e’ mobile, Finiculi Finicula,
Torna A Sorrento, Tarantella, O Sole Mio)
Ikanta: Johan Briffa

Bohemian Rhapsody
Freddy Mercury  – Arr. Paul Murtha


Circus Galop
P.B. Smith

(7th Symphony, 2nd Movement)
Beethoven—Arr. Marvin Rosenberg

The Symphonic Beatles
John Lennon & Paul McCartney—Arr. John Cacavas
(A Hard Day’s Night, Yesterday, I want to Hold Your Hand, Michelle, Hey Jude)
Tkanta: Marthese Grech

The Greatest Hits of Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond—Arr. Frank Barnearts
(America, Beautiful Noise, Hello Again,
Longfellow Serenade, Sweet Caroline)

I want it that Way
Backstreet Boys—Arr. Wim Stalman
Jinterpreta l-Kor ‘Xmun Pietru’

Innu Banda Birżebbuġa
Mużika: Mro. Michael Bugelli A.T.C.L
Lirika: Joe Julian Farrugia
Ikanta l-Kor Xmun Pietru

Remembering the years when our Band performed in the feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Valletta.

February 10, 2014

The 10th February marks an important public holiday for the Maltese people.  Today we celebrate the Shipwreck of St. Paul in Malta, the apostle who in the year 60 AD brought the Catholic Faith to the Maltese people, a remarkable event which is also recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.  The Parish Community of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in the Capital Valletta celebrates this day in great style.  It was towards the end of the year 1991, almost two years after our band’s foundation, when the Pauline Committee of Valletta, made a formal invitation to our band to play joyful marches in the streets of the Capital Valletta to honour St. Paul.

Our band’s participation in St. Paul’s feast of Valletta is very significant for many reasons.   We were invited to perform in Valletta on the 8th February 1992.  It is very significant because apart from being the band’s first appearance in the Capital city, coincidentally it marked the band’s first time appearance outside Birzebbuga.  The invitation from the Pauline Committee did not come out of spite.  From the year of its foundation in 1990, our band had already earned a good reputation of being led by a very well organized administrative committee headed by President Anthony Camilleri.  The band was also renowned of being directed by a young but very talented bandmaster, Mro. Michael Bugelli.

Our band was invited to play for many other years in Valletta following the year 1992.   Each time our band played in Valletta, it counted no less than 80 musicians many of whom considered as the finest on the island.  The large repertoire of band marches that our band played in the streets of Valletta filled the people with great enthusiasm.

I would like to emphasize a particular aspect of our participation in the feast of St. Paul’s of Valletta, that is likely to be confirmed by many Valletta Pauline Supporters.  Our band used to be accompanied by a large number of people from Birzebbuga.  These used to bring with them large flags, large umbrellas and floaters all in yellow and green, the colours of our Philarmonic Society.  This was very uncommon for those days and to some extent even for today.  No other band has ever been accompanied by such a huge number of supporters equipped with flags and umbrellas.  Our supporters used to join the Valletta Supporters who would then chant lyrics together along the melodic marches played by our band, thus contributing to the festive atmosphere in Valletta.

Our Philarmonic Society used to look very forward to this annual appointment in Valletta.  A photo and a brief report about the band’s performance in Valletta used to be published nearly each year in our annual magazine to commemorate the annual event.  During the years we participated in St. Paul’s feast in Valletta, our Society received numerous letters of praise from the Pauline Feast Committee.  Our Society’s relations with the Pauline Community of Valletta continue to be very strong and characterised of good friendship.

The Band’s first appearance out of Birżebbuġa, for the feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in the capital Valletta – 8th February 1992.
The Birzebbuga Band AD 1990 for the second consecutive time in Valletta for St. Paul’s Shipwreck feast. 7th February 1993.
The Birzebbuga Band AD 1990 performing in Valletta in St Paul’s Shipwreck Feast: February 2000.
The Birzebbuga Band AD 1990, performing in Valletta on the occasion of St. Paul’s Shipwreck Feast: February 2001.

Our Combo Band Performs during 24th Anniversary Foundation Dinner

January 26, 2014

Last 14th January 2014 our Society celebrated the 24th Anniversary since its foundation.  It was the 14th January 1990 when a provisional committee called a general meeting at the Lido Hall in Saint Edward’s Street, Birżebbuġa to officially establish our philarmonic and cultural Society we know today.

In order to commemorate this big day in our history, the Chief Committee of our club, organized a Grand Buffet Dinner in the Club’s Premises on Friday 17th January 2014.  On this occasion a group of musicians, on their own initiative performed modern and classical pop pieces, much to the enjoyment of those who turned up for the event.  The band was composed of Ryan Lee Darmanin on drumkit, Mro. Michael Bugelli as slide-trombone, Josef Schembri and Francesco Barbara as trumpets, Aaron Abdilla on Sax Alto, Gabriel Borg as Tuba and Nick Stivala on Keyboard.  Among other pieces the band performed Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade, Kiss of fire, Don’t Stop Believin’, Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, and Hawaii-Five O.  The band ended its appearance on stage by performing the Birżebbuġa Band Hymn much to the delight of all those who were present.

Two Christmas Music Appointments 2013

January 26, 2014

The joint participation of the two bands of Birżebbuġa in the Christmas Novena Mass inside Birżebbuġa’s Parish Church has become an annual appointment that many would not want to miss.  This year the two bands played together on Thursday 19th December at 6:30pm.  The ensemble made up of musicians from both sides was under the direction of Mro. Michael Bugelli and Mro. Vince Bonnici.  The newly appointed parish priest Rev. Can. Anton Galea Scannura had words of praise for the success of this joint participation, since 2003.  During the last few years this event saw a few changes.  It has now become customary for the two bands to play together a few Christmas Carols after the Novena Mass by parading Birżebbuġa streets.  This year the march passed through Kurat Fenech Street, St. Angelo Street, Żurrieq Road and Birżebbuġa Road.  Members, and Musicians of both sides together with members of the clergy were invited to enter our Society’s premises for a drink to celebrate together this wonderful time of the year.

On Sunday 22nd December 2013, the Birżebbuġa Symphonic Band A.D. 1990 entertained a hall crowded with people and followers in a Christmas Concert which is usually billed as ‘The Christmas Home Concert’.  This was the fourth Christmas concert in succession since its reintroduction in 2010.

The programme was in the true spirit of Christmas with a mixture of traditional and less familiar arrangements of well-known Christmas tunes.  This took place in the newly refurbished Main Hall of our Premises, the ‘Ġawhra San Pietru’ in Birżebbuġa Road, Birżebbuġa.  A poster for the occasion was designed and circulated in shops and over the internet.  The public was asked to be in place at around 7pm.  The concert began a half an hour later.  Entrance was free of charge.

There were some new pieces such as Anthony Chircop’s Christmas Selection 1; A Christmas March by Philip Sparke; A Christmas Trilogy by Eric Osterling and Santa meets Sousa a vivid mixture of Sousa Marches and traditional Christmas Carols beautifully blended together by Mark Williams.  Musical Director, Mro. Michael Bugelli conducted the concert with great ability, making full use of the abilities of the musicians that formed the tiny but very well balanced ensemble.

The concert gives promising young and adult musicians a chance to perform in the spotlight, not only in music!  It has now become customary to put up a small play with a Christmas motif, with our young allievi as the main participants.  This year’s play entitled Il-Bambin li xtralna n-Nannu (The statue of baby Jesus as grandpa’s Christmas gift)  was written by Michaela Chircop and directed by Claudia Chircop, two members of our band.  Another student also read a Maltese poem entitled ‘Ġesù jħobb lil kulħadd’ (Jesus Loves Everyone).  During the interval, Rita Camilleri, a fervent follower of our Band donated 6 large flags to be flown over our Premises.  This donation was welcomed with a big applause.  President Mr. Emanuel Żammit in a brief speech, thanked Mrs. Rita Camilleri and all those who worked hard for the success of this concert.

A Christmas concert would not be the same without Waltzes and Polkas by the Viennese Strauss Family, whose pieces Chit Chat Polka, Roses from the South and the traditional Radetzky March were performed.  The audience was excused from singing traditional Christmas carols, but then joined in by clapping in Strauss’ Radetzky March and the Birżebbuġa Band Hymn at the end of the concert.  Refreshments were served after the concert and many parents took the opportunity to discuss the progress of their children in their persued studies.

Our Band Welcomes the New Parish Priest of Birżebbuġa (10th November 2013)

January 25, 2014

On Sunday 10th November 2013 our Symphonic Band, the Birżebbuġa Band A.D. 1990 reunited with St. Peter’s Band to celebrate the vesting of the town’s new Parish Priest Rev. Can. Anton Galea Scannura. Late in the afternoon, at 4:15pm our band together with its Committee and Sub-committee members, accompanied Rev. Galea Scannura in a festive cortege from his Summer residence in Bieqja Street to the Parish Church for his official appointment in a ceremony which in Maltese is popularly referred to as ‘Tal-Pussess’.

The Chief Committee, members of our club, and musicians of the Birżebbuġa Symphonic Band A.D. 1990 would like to augur their best wishes to Rev. Can. Anton Galea Scannura and Rev. Roderick Camilleri (Vice Parish Priest) for their pastoral mission in Birżebbuġa for the years to come!

Photos Courtesy of

Għaqda Piroteknika 22 ta' Frar, Birżebbuġa, Malta

22 February Pirotechnic Society, Birżebbuġa, Malta

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PARTITARJI LJUNI - Soċjeta Filarmonika San Pietru, Banda Birżebbuġa A.D. 1990

Birzebbuga Symphonic Band A.D. 1990, Malta.

Birzebbuga Symphonic Band A.D. 1990, Malta.